Save Money on your next home improvement project


Save Money on your next home improvement project




Save 15% off This Month for Tiles Online Only


If you’ve been waiting to put tile in your home, now is the best time as tiles are 15% off online! It can be challenging trying to decide on the best new flooring for your home. Tile flooring is one of the best choices for the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom regions of your home. Tile may also work well in the laundry room, or recreation room, where a durable and potentially waterproof type of flooring may be needed.


There are many merits to installing tile in your kitchen or bathroom. The tiles, 15% off incentive should be enough, but here are some other reasons why you may wish to tear out old laminate or lino flooring and install new in the kitchen.


If your kitchen, hallway, and bathroom floors are adjacent to each other, you can coordinate all you’re flooring together with the same type of tile. Certain types of laminate aren’t suitable for the kitchen due to potential spills and moisture so either that leaves you with mix and match flooring, or, you can install flooring from kitchen, to hallway, to bathroom. Most designers recommend that there are no more than two or three different types of flooring in a home. A tiled floor gives you the opportunity to create design flow in your home.


A tiled floor and tiled kitchen and bathroom walls will increase the value of your home. If you’re planning on selling it you can bump up the value for a minimum investment. Tile is also a good sell when you plan on renting out a home. You can bump it up into the “luxury” category and ask for more monthly rent.


Tiles are one of the most durable types of flooring on the market today. They’re tough, extremely durable, and resistant to moisture. A kitchen can be a high traffic area. There can be many food and drink spills. Items may be accidentally dropped on its surface. It’s easy to clean a tiled floor. Simply use gentle soap and vinegar, and avoid harsh chemicals that may cause the grout to darken. A tiled floor is more hygienic, as there aren’t any nooks and crannies for bacteria to get into, like with a laminate floor.


Other types of flooring just don’t match up to a tiled floor. A tiled floor may also last thirty years and more, whereas most laminate floors only look good for about ten. Not only does a tiled floor have longevity, but it’ll also have design longevity as well. Tiles stay above the flooring trends, so you can be assured if you install a grey, white, or beige tiled floor, it’ll still be in fashion twenty years from now.


The decision to purchase tiles at 15% off should now be easier. All you have to do is choose size, color, and texture. Once your new tile flooring is installed in your home you’ll soon realize its potential for timeless beauty in your kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.




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