Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles

If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation, glass tiles are today’s modern way to make your room look fresh and inviting. Glass tiles are a unique way to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen to have a look that other homes won’t have. The color choices, textures, and sizes are nearly limitless when choosing what to install in your bathroom or kitchen. Glass tiles will not only provide a waterproof barrier for your backsplash but they are also beautiful to look at.

Glass tiles are unique from traditional ceramic tiles. Instead, they’re made from glass. Making tiles from glass gives them a variety of characteristics that can be attractive for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Glass tiles have many other purposes besides backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom. They can be the perfect paving stones and garden wall trim. Glass tiles can be used as flooring, or to frame a mirror. Glass tiles are durable and beautiful. Glass has the ability to be molded to almost any shape.

Sizes are available in a wide range of rectangular and square shapes. They may also be cut into triangles or octagons for a truly unique kitchen design. Regular size glass tiles may fill out a space, but small, lightweight and decorative tiles can be used for ornamental purposes. These smaller glass tiles frame the wall, or are installed at regular intervals to truly create a beautiful focal point in your room. Heavier glass tiles may be installed as flooring in the bathroom, and can withstand moisture quite well. They are also useful for floor installation under ovens and above stoves, as they can withstand temperature variations.

Tiles may also be made in nearly any color. The possibilities are limitless.

Instead of a solid color, a tile may be opalescent, with a special reflective backing finish to enhance the look. Glass tiles can also be opaque, rather than shiny.

Glass tiles can be more than just shiny and smooth. There are limitless textures and finishes available. Tiles that aren’t smooth can be sandblasted to matte or textured finishes. Besides solid colors, tiles may be marbleized or have a variety of different colors mixed into the pattern.

Glass tiles can be purchased from almost any home supply store, including specific tile shops that sell directly to the consumer. It’s also possible to order custom tile designs. Imagine a bathroom or kitchen with unique tiles that no one else has installed in their home!

One great aspect about glass tiles is that they can be made from recycled glass, so that the manufacturing impact on the environment is lessened. This keeps glass bottles from entering the landfills. Even recycled glass can come in a variety of different color choices. These types of tile may be more visually interesting than glass tiles sourced from new glass.

Glass tiles are one of the most versatile products that can truly transform your home into an inviting and tranquil abode. For your next home reno consider installing glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

Glass Tiles