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Marble Polishing & Restoration


polishing marble

Marble is recognized as one of the stone varieties that can last a lifetime adding abundant value and beauty to a household as a building material. Its durability makes it ideal to be used for counters, tables, staircases and even fireplace mantels. Polishing the material results in a nourished look that can enhance the natural value this particular variety of limestone has to offer. We will guide you through the process of Marble polishing honing, grinding as well as crystallizing, to help you have your unique Marble masterpiece, that would enhance the value of your household for a long time to come.


Marble is a delicate material and therefore, would sustain scratches on the surface as a part of the natural wear and tear it undergoes. Polishing the surface could lessen the scratches and make the surface shinier with its unique patterns. The nature of the stone could vary depending on whether they are extracted from natural sources or whether they are cultured. Make sure to call a professional to polish your floors.

Honing Marble

Marble is more scratch resistant and durable when honed. Therefore, it’s an ideal choice for a surface such as a floor with its less shiny and gripping effects. Honing Marble surfaces can be done to various degrees depending on your preference. There are grit powders available in the market to get the desired level of honing to your Marble slab. However, it’s advised to get professional assistance in honing Marble, as it’s a delicate material, which requires expertise in conditioning.

Grinding Marble

Marble grinding is done in order to make it more durable and scratch resistant. Grinding is also done to make sure your floors are leveled, as they should be.

Crystallizing Marble

Crystallization of Marble is used to get a deep shiny effect on polished Marble floors. You can get a high quality crystallizing solvent and spray it on your Marble slab and buff it with a steel wool pad till the shine becomes prominent. The level of shine can be varied upon the amount of buffing you do on the surface. It can add extra value on the polished Marble floor with its shine, when performed carefully.